the vampire murder case (part eighteen)

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There was a quiet knock on the door, and Neil went to open it. He stuck his head out and listened for a moment, then he said, "It's Lloyd. He's heard that Åsa is worse, and–"

"Come in," Dr. Lee called. "Christy, you can go," she added.

Lloyd joined us, with some hesitation, and Dr. Lee said, "As I'm sure you've heard, Åsa is indeed worse."

"Can I see her?" he asked.

"If you want. She's unconscious." She turned to Neil. "Go and check on her. Take Lloyd with you, then come back here and report." She turned to Rex. "You can go. We don't need for you to stay up all night."

He laughed. "I was getting lousy hands anyway. Have a good night."

They all left, and Dr. Lee said, "Assuming that Åsa is stable, I think this is what we should do. Somebody will stay with her all night. There is no more reason to see where she'd go, we know that now. Now we have to restrain her from going, physically if necessary. No matter what's going on, it's obviously killing her."

Jan Sleet nodded. "I agree. And we can go see the poet in the morning."

"I'll send Christy with you. She can come to the hotel first thing tomorrow." She smiled. "If she hasn't gone there already." She stood up. "And tomorrow I can introduce you to Spence. He should be back by then." She turned to go. "He's Åsa's boyfriend," she said as she left.

My employer turned and glared at me, as if it was my fault that Åsa had a boyfriend and we hadn't known a thing about him until this minute.

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