the hospital murder case (part twenty)

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My employer gestured at the row of identical cabinets on the wall. "Dorothy, which one of these cabinets contains sleeping pills?"

Dorothy looked at them in puzzlement. "I have no idea," she said slowly.

"Exactly. It has become somewhat of a tradition in U-town not to label things. Many of our street signs are missing, or they've been moved to different locations. Quite a few people take the numbers off of their buildings. So, the cabinets are not labeled, but anybody who works in the hospital knows where things are stored. Which is anybody, since we all work in the hospital sooner or later.

"Except the Jinx. of course. I believe this is the first time any of you have been in the hospital. And that's why I'm sure that, whoever did this, it was not a member of the Jinx. Which means that the broken cabinet was either a coincidence, or it was part of an attempt to frame Dorothy.

"However, to be thorough, is it not possible that somebody connected with the hospital told one of you where the pills were? Perhaps, but very unlikely. This was not a crime with a long time to plan it, since there was no way to know in advance that Felix would even have an accident, or that he would be so seriously injured that he'd be brought here, despite your reluctance to use our medical facilities. And, to carry it to an extreme, you couldn't even have called somebody on the phone to ask them, U-town has no telephone service."

Neil nodded, still looking grim, and Rafe steadied Dorothy as she sat down again.

"Do you know who did it?" Neil asked Jan.

She nodded. "I have a very good idea."

Neil was apparently a pretty good judge of human nature, because he didn't press her. His impatience was obvious, but apparently he had calculated, correctly, that if he pressed her it would only cause her to slow down. She meant it when she said she was in charge, and she was capable of making things very difficult for anybody who tried to challenge that authority.

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