the hospital murder case (part thirteen)

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"Two things," Jan replied. "Marshall will send somebody to get Mona, and then he will fill me in. Then we will proceed to solve this by using reason and analysis."

"And one more thing," I said. "Dorothy, who was Felix's girlfriend or wife, is resting in the next room, or she should be. We should make sure she's okay. She's pregnant, by the way. And then one of us needs to try to revive Rafe."

"Did you check on him?" Neil asked Jan.

"I did. He's unconscious, almost certainly drugged. He should be fine. Is Dorothy Jinx?"

I nodded, and Neil said, "I'll check on her."

Out in the hall, I went around the corner and caught a nurse.

"First," I said quietly, "nothing about what I'm going to tell you is to be discussed or speculated about. No gossip, understood?"

"Yes, sir," she said.

"We need an aide and a gurney in 407A. Arrange that, and send somebody downstairs to tell Mona that Marshall needs her in 407A, and that it's an emergency. Be sure they use the word 'emergency,' and tell them not to embellish. Got it?"


"Then see what you can do to revive that man there, but don't touch his coffee cup. We'll be in 407A, and keep us posted on his condition. Okay?"

She nodded.


As I re-entered the room, my employer had Felix's hospital gown pulled aside and was examining the body carefully.

Neil came back in through the connecting door. He closed it carefully, then he said, "She's asleep. I–"

"Was she drugged? Rafe was."

I went into the hall again, where the nurse leaning over Rafe. I asked her to check on Dorothy as soon as she was done with him.

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