the hospital murder case (part seven)

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When Neil and I got back to the Waiting Room, I saw Dorothy coming out through the Emergency Room door, and I saw another Jinx going the other way.

This made sense. I had been wondering, given what Neil had said about security, why there wasn't a guard on Felix now. But then I realized that Dorothy had been playing that role (whether she realized it or not), and now this other Jinx was going to relieve her while she talked to Neil. Of course, I didn't mention any of this thinking to Neil. I already knew that the Jinx did not appreciate any interest, no matter how innocent or casual, in their affairs.

Contrary to Portugal's description, Dorothy looked fairly composed. She still looked upset and tired, but less distraught than when she had arrived.

I described Neil's request to Mona, who regarded me with resignation (only partly put on). "I'll go see what I can do," she said. "Make sure nothing happens while I'm gone, and don't promise anything to anybody."

Mona left as Dorothy and Neil went to a corner of the waiting room to sit and talk. A moment later, the street doors opened and a large, bearded man in a leather jacket and jeans came in. Neil immediately motioned him over, standing up to shake his hand. Dorothy stood up also, and the new man took her hand for a moment, holding it as he leaned over to say something to her.

Then, she sat down again as Neil and the other man walked over toward me.

"This is Rafe," Neil said. I shook his hand across the counter. "He'll be responsible for Felix's safety."

I nodded. "We're making the arrangements now."

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