the hospital murder case (part fourteen)

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Jan straightened up and covered up the body again. She moved toward me, saying, "Tell me all."

Neil started to speak, but she flicked up a forefinger. "Wait," she said, without even looking at him. Over her shoulder, as she approached me, I could see him debate how to respond to this. He decided to comply.

Meanwhile, she leaned toward me, her ear only inches from my mouth, steadying herself with a hand on my shoulder as I started to fill her in.

After a few moments, there was a knock at the door and an aide wheeled in a gurney.

"No autopsy needed," Jan said over her shoulder as Neil helped move Felix's body, "but a complete exam, and let me know immediately if there's anything inconsistent with death by strangulation."

As the aide wheeled the gurney out, Rafe and Mona joined us. They quickly got the idea that they had to wait, and I could see that Neil was quietly filling them in.

When I was done, my employer murmured a couple of questions, which I answered, then she straightened up, looking slowly around the room.

"Should we let Dorothy know?" Rafe asked.

"Is she likely to be–"

"I am not hysterical," she said from the doorway to the next room. "I am Jinx. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Jan nodded. "Not just now. Please sit down, Dorothy,"

She sat carefully in the one armchair.

"Please wait a moment," Jan said, and she went through the connecting door to Dorothy's room.

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