the college murder case (part two)

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On this particular morning, Ron was quite brusque when we saw her, and it wasn't until later that we learned why.

When she'd shown up to deliver the mail, Fifteen had been especially adamant about not letting her into the meeting room, neglecting to mention that we weren't in there (we were having breakfast in the cafeteria). When she finally kicked him in the shin, ducked around him, and burst through the door, she had not been happy to discover the empty room.

She stormed into the cafeteria, spotted us and came over, looking very serious. We didn't know about her run-in with Fifteen, so we were somewhat surprised when, instead of starting to distribute the mail, she announced, "The mail is very important!"

"Yes, it is," Doc said. "Has somebody been interfering with the mail, Ron?"

"Some people," she said deliberately, "think it's a good idea to play stupid jokes and slow down the mail delivery."

"Has Fifteen been playing a joke?" Jan asked as Ron started to pull the mail out of her bag. She made a face but didn't answer.

"I think that means he likes you," Vicki said. "Boys often tease girls when they–"

"What?" she demanded. She was clearly so outraged by this idea that she could barely speak. She dumped out the remaining mail, slung her bag over her shoulder, and stormed off.

Doc sighed at Vicki. "That wasn't nice," she said, trying to keep a straight face.

"Hee," Vicki giggled, covering her mouth. "I couldn't resist. When she calms down, she'll realize how ridiculous it is."

"Which won't be until she takes out her ire on young Fifteen," Ray commented.

Jack shrugged. "Well, he shouldn't tease her so much. The mail is important." He nudged the small pile on the table. "And now we have to sort it ourselves."

Vicki hopped up on the table, laughing. "I'll do it. We wouldn't want to risk you getting a paper cut."

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