the college murder case (part three)

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Vicki sat cross-legged in the center of the table and started to go through the envelopes. It was the usual mixture of fan mail, obscene screeds, peculiar questions, funny post cards, and family mail.

"Jan," she said, holding out one envelope, "this looks official. Maybe it's your diploma."

My employer looked at the envelope. "If they're sending me a diploma it must be honorary. I've never even heard of Barlowe... Hey!" Her eyes grew wide as she read. "They want me to come and speak. Like a guest speaker."

"How much are they offering?" Jack asked.


Ray chuckled. "I know that the opportunity to address an audience would seem to be payment enough, but some amount of cash is usually involved as well."

"Cash which we could use," Doc added. "As usual."

"We should go and see Stuart," Jan said, grabbing her cane and getting to her feet. "If we hurry–"

"Jan," Doc said slowly.

She looked startled. "What?"

"It's Saturday. I don't think he'll be in his office."

My employer frowned. "Are you sure he doesn't have office hours on Saturday?"

"Almost certain," she said.

My employer smiled at me. "We know where he lives, don't we?"

"This is not an emergency," I said firmly. "It can wait until Monday."

She sighed and sat down again.

"Poo," she said.

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