the college murder case (part five)

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"I think I'd be a good driver," she said thoughtfully as the car plunged off the bridge and into the traffic.

This topic had come up before, several times. Each time, I had tried a different reply, and in each case the conversation had not gone in a good direction. I wracked my brain for a new response, one that I hadn't already used. I couldn't think of one, so I just said "Hmm" as noncommittally as I could.

"Hmm," she said in response. Then, since there were no more developments from my direction, she asked, "Do you still have your license?"

I nodded. "Oh, yes. I sent the renewal a couple of weeks ago. Ron's looking out for the envelope."

She nodded. By her expression, she considered it a small victory to have defeated me on the conversational front, even though she wasn't any closer to actually getting behind the wheel of a car.

If you've read the earlier stories in this series, you may wonder why we didn't have any security with us, since I mentioned in the case of Charlotte's death that we never traveled without it.

My employer had managed to get an exemption for our trips to see Stuart (where I would function as security). She managed this not because her arguments were worthy, but simply because she was willing to argue about it longer than anybody else.

This exemption would soon be rescinded, however, and the events of this case would be a major factor in the decision. When my employer tried to repeat the same tactic of dragging out the disagreement, Doc simply overruled her and said that she was not going to hear opinions (which was unusual, but not unheard of).

I was just as glad when the exemption was canceled, though it was nice to go to the city with just my wife. But we did need security, and while I have saved her life on several occasions, there are people more qualified to protect her than I am.

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