the school murder case (part sixteen)

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David said, "I would think that having the idea was half the battle, and figuring out how to make it happen was the other half."

Jan allowed a grin to flick on and off. "That's pretty general, I must say." He laughed as she went on. "I'd like to hear what everybody else thinks, though."

There was a moment of silence, then Ms. Tumolo pointed at James, who gulped.

"Well," he said, "um, I guess one thing is that Ray didn't do it alone."

Jan nodded. "James, that's very true, and it's true in two different ways. Were you talking about Jack and Doc and the others, or about people in general?"

"I was thinking about Doc, mostly," he said.

"It certainly wouldn't have happened without Doc, and Jack, and the rest of us. But, most importantly, it couldn't have happened without your parents and your neighbors and maybe even some of you."

"I was there," Amy said suddenly, raising her hand.

"So was I," said Willy.

Jan turned and peered at him more closely. "I remember you," she said slowly. "You were right in front. You threw a rock, and then Jack told you to cool it."

Willy grinned. "That was me."

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