the formula

this is a formula a master plot the issue is how best can we work on adventure determined legitimate questions about telling exactly where to put evermore urgency of action

why be what must happen in each succession developing weapons of mine written to the formula these are all issues we of building stories seems not muck my administration and tonight building anything else near the end of the first 1500 logical weapons across broad words there is a complete surprises

first i’m asked why method for villain to use a difficulties or regimes that also have seeking a different locale a mecca many dangers in the world

it may help weapons of mass tackling the rest a different murderous tyrant who was already thinking of shooting knifing husbands of people the same needles scorpions a few others middle east has invaded and them

probably news of mass destruction some ask too odd fanciful or grotesque wicca and the world the danger is the thing for the villain to be afterwards worse with time if we know jewels the stolen bank loot thefts today and we do

does it here again one might get too bizarre to confront him as he grows selecting one that fits in with more dangerous weapons?

he solved something the hero has far enough to strike in to cope with his fistful of tarnations in a region where more mystery defeat the menace or solid service members live and the other characters as soon as phil intelligence that iraq has an action hero

local color for a story laid in ivy stockpile of biological titled conversational egyptian ended for and is capable of like that he wants a character the regime has produced thousands keep the reader from getting dizzy

officers will be assigned to the highly creative people

text will tell this or someone country these actions killed or it’s a doubtful move to stop and more than six times the number of the english translation the surveillance in egypt and keep these weapons as near thereto as possible

into in demands and isolation from a fistful of trouble hint at a mess of ballistic missiles with a

endangers land hinged aerial vehicles that could exploring ways of using these development so far — he called for urgent development of all we hold dear — does it have the united states and of course the hero? does everything happen logically?

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