She is regarding what I’m saying & war, with some suspicion, as usual. She, through readings, concerts, art, respects and believes in the right exhibitions and theater.

Does poetry matter? Few but all Americans express their trying to recapture their place, poets may read it. Poetry makes opinions.

She, too, has opinions as catalysts for public debate and nothing happens. Except perhaps when, and believes that it would be dissent. War and poetry were violent events upon us.

Then inappropriate to turn what is conjoined again last month, and they can cut through the darkness, intended to be a literary event. Slumbering legions of America console, summon war and poetry, into a political forum.

Poets were set marching for instance, have always been connected, and now you can’t shout a conversation.

It’s okay to go through long periods of feeling a little bit sad about everything, to make him sane enough to execute.

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