how to defend yourself

How to defend yourself when your cut-ups are being attacked verbally:

1. Empathy. Find some way to agree with the When I write, I have to write do I like cut-ups? critic (whether right or wrong) about the country I'm in. look for the grain of truth is pretty depressing right now. Because they're often funny. Avoid sarcasm and defensiveness. But it's important to describe always speak the truth the reality right now, because Because Because they're short (no it will never be possible to attention span) holograms, then write about it in the same way again.

2. Disarm. Ask a series of questions if you teach a caged animal Because, even after all these find out exactly what he or she draw, the first thing will still contain all the baffle and means. Don't be defensive or draw the bars of information annoy a lot of people. judgmental, just ask for more cage. But after that, what and more specific information. else?

3. Feedback. Explain your position or, if all writing is the whole Because, with the attention span emotions tactfully but picture, just autobiographical, which I mentioned above, they match how assertively. Acknowledge that, believe it is, it is always I think and live. you might be wrong. Make the bars, until you can get out of conflict one based on facts, not the cage? Just variations Because they can reveal more on personality or pride. the bars?

4. Negotiation. No, if you can see the bars, you. Because, like a collapse can see what's beyond them, cut tessaract house, they're up into slices by the bars compact, containing more than slightly less themselves, a cut-up. would seem from the outside. This is clear. why, like poetry, they can take longer to read than conventional prose.

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